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Rodney Hocutt Founder and

With a degree in computer science and well over 25 years of hands-on experience, Rodney is well versed in making technology work in the real world.  He has worked in all environments from 7x24 manufacturing, DoD, Wall Street and everything in between.

His particular area of expertise is in the extension and customization of Off-the-Shelf frameworks in order to maximize the value a customer receives on their investment.

Additionally, he has a strong focus on systems automation as well as the integration of disparate ESM systems into a single, cohesive and unified EMS/ITSM platform



Rubicon Technologies' mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients by offering innovative solutions to the ever changing ITSM landscape


Embrace challenges with innovative technological solutions



These five values shape the core working principles of Rubicon Technologies, LLC:.

  • Customer Centricity: Delivering to customer’s need.

  • Innovation: Continuous Improvement and out of box thinking.

  • Agility with Quality: Flexible & adaptable, delivering quality to our customers.

  • People Focus: Lets Grow together.

  • Integrity: Delivering on our commitments.

Whether you're a startup or an well established company, change is necessary for growth and innovation - but it isn't always easy to adapt to. Fortunately, Rubicon Technologies has extensive expertise in the adoption and adaptation to the latest developments in Information Technology.


Our qualified team of consultants offer true end-to-end solutions; either on premise, in your cloud or in our own. We provide the infrastructure, technology and knowledge to take an idea from prototype through to production.  We specialize in maximizing cost efficiency and minimizing technology complexity to our customers.

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