Rodney Hocutt



Summary of Skills: HP OpenView Operations (OVOU/OVOW), NNM 7.51/8i, IT/O, VPO, MeasureWare, PerfView, Performance Insight (OVPI), Performance Manager (OVPM), SiteScope, Service Information Portal (SIP), Smart Plug Ins (SPIs), Dashboard, Service Navigator, WMI, CODA, NetMetrix, SunNet Manager, CA Unicenter TNG, NetIQ AppManager, MS-MOM/SCOM,  VitalQIP, Windows NT/2K,2K3,2K8, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, VMware, ComBrio Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI), HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM), Oracle, MS-SQL, Java, Nagios, OpenNMS, Ionix


Certifications: OpenView Operations, Network Node Manager, Performance Insight, ITIL Foundations


Partial Client List:


Northrop Grumman: 05/10 Present

Updgade NNM 7.51 to 8i.  Implement SiteScope for agentless monitoring and OVIS replacement.  Develop new monitors for custom applications.


Raytheon: 12/09 05/10

Technical lead for global NOC implementation project utilizing Ionix 8.1, OVPI 5.4, CiscoWorks and Remedy.  Responsible for monitoring and reporting for 150,000 objects worldwide.  OVPI 5.4 built on RedHat linux with remote Oracle database with multiple satlllite servers and 10 remote pollers.  Responsible for all hardware builds (multiple HP C3000 blade chassiss, EMC SAN) and Vmware ESX 4 installation, configuration and administration.


Northrop Grumman: 10/07  11/09

Team leader for state wide deployment of OpenView framework for Commonwealth of Virginia.  Responsible for remediation, implementation, customization and optimization of entire OpenView suite of tools, including OVOU 8, OVOW 7.5, NNM 7.51 AE with Extended Topology, NNM8i, SiteScope, OVPI 5.3, OVIS, OVPA, OVPM & Dashboard.  Delivering 99.95% uptime for 3,500 managed servers, and all managed applications and websites.  Develop custom applications in perl, shell script, VB script, and Java SE6.  Develop custom reporting via OVPI and Reporter.  Provide mentoring to other team members as well as other departments.  Create custom templates and monitors.  Develop test case scenarios, acceptance test criteria and SLA/SLOs.  Define methodology for system deployment and integration.  Define and develop integration points for legacy applications into OpenView framework.  Implement ComBrio (ILS Technology) Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI) product with EMD and TMC probes to enable OpenView agent traffic to flow between 80+ disconnected network and the production OV servers.  Serve as HP-UX & Windows sys-admin and Oracle/MS-SQL DBA.


Dataline Incorporated : 09/05 10/07

Designed and implemented HP OpenView framework for multiple Dataline clients.  Designed global OV solutions utilizing OVOU 8.22, OVOW 7.5, OVSD 4.5, SIP, SNVP, NNM, Dashboard and SPIs for Oracle, AD & PeopleSoft.  Built custom portal views in SIP/Dashboard.  Designed and implemented a turn key OpenView Managed Service Provider (MSP) system for providing OV outsourcing services.  MSP program focused on rapid deployment and heavy use of automation.  Utilized OV Interconnect to integrate multiple OpenView datasources into OV SIP/Dashboard (OVO/W, OVO/U, Reporter, OVPI, NNM, OVSN).  Created custom portals for OpenView MSP clients.  Wrote custom software to facilitate managing multiple MSP clients from a single unified OV installation.  Built custom reporting solution utilizing Performance Insight (OVPI).  Implemented HP Systems Insight Manger (SIM) and associated agents and integrated SIM into overall HP OpenView framework.  Utilized DSI/ECB to aggregate non-native system and application performance data into OV framework.


Amerigroup Corporation : 02/05 09/05

Designed and implemented an Enterprise Systems Management solution utilizing HP OpenView Operations for Windows version 7.5 in conjunction with NNM 7.5 Advanced Edition.   Implemented numerous other OpenView products including Performance Manager, MeasureWare, Reporter, Performance Insight (OVPI), System Insight Manager (SIM) and SPIs for Oracle, MS-SQL and Exchange.  Developed custom reports using Performance Insight (OVPI) accessing remote Oracle database. 

Wrote numerous WMI, VB and Perl script to enable automation via the framework.  Implemented a failover MOM schema with remote DR site.  Managed/monitored numerous 3rd party and custom applications via the OpenView agents and custom code.  Created custom monitors for in-house developed applications via OVPA,  Extended Collections Builder (ECB) and Data Source Integration DSI within MeasureWare. Utilized ECB and DSI to expose non-native data sources to MeasureWare and OV Performance Manager.  Served as HP-UX sys-admin in support of  HP Superdomes.


United Parcel Service - Supply Chain Solutions : 05/04 01/05

Designed and implemented an Enterprise Management System utilizing HP OpenView Operations  and BMC Patrol frameworks on HP-UX.  Utilized native ITO agents, Patrol agents, MeasureWare and custom agents.  Utilized custom Data Source Integration (DSI) to provide custom application data to OV framework.  Created custom metrics with DSI to integrate non-native data points into OV framework. Developed custom ITO module to consolidate Patrol alerts into ITO console.  Implemented SPIs for Oracle, BEA WebLogic (WLI and WLS).  Configured KMs and implemented custom monitoring  via Patrol Script Language (PSL).  Developed dashboard views for numerous operations groups using Service Information Portal (SIP) and Service Reporter.  Implemented Expert Centers in a Follow-the-Sun Manager of Managers schema.  Served as HP-UX sys-admin in support of HP Superdomes.  Delivered 99.99% uptime for all managed systems.


Global Payments : 02/04 05/04

Designed and implemented an Enterprise Management System built around HP OpenView Operations.  Developed custom monitors in VBScript and Perl to extend OpenView agent functionality.  Implemented Service Reporter in conjunction with custom XML code to develop real time and historical reports.  Performed extensive customization to extend functionality of HP modules including Smart Plug Ins (SPIs) for Exchange, IIS, Terminal Services, Oracle, NNM Adapter, Cluster Server, Active Directory and others.  Served as MS-SQL 2000 DBA.


NJ-ENT : 06/03 02/04

Designed and implemented an Enterprise Management System built around HP OpenView Operations and NetIQ AppManager to manage the distributed operations for Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, Linux) and Windows (NT4, 2000, 2003,  Terminal Services).  Developed custom monitors in VBScript and Perl to extend OpenView and NetIQ agent functionality.  Employed numerous Smart Plug Ins (SPIs) for proactive management of RDBMS databases (Oracle, Sybase and MS-SQL), Web Servers (IIS, Apache, WebLogic), Transaction Servers (MQ-Series) and Exchange.  


Lehman Brothers, Incorporated : 09/00 02/03

Lead Architect for the Enterprise Systems Management implementation.  Project involved replacing both CA-Unicenter and a mature, in-house software program with the HP OpenView framework.  All monitoring  initially performed by CA-Unicenter was either ported to or replicated within the HP OpenView framework.  Employed a combination of IT/O agents, MeasureWare, PerfView, Smart Plug Ins (SPIs) for databases, Remedy and Exchange, Event Correlation Services (ECS), native SNMP agents and Service Information Portal (SIP).  Developed custom Perl modules and libraries to automate systems management, notification (email, pager, trouble ticket) and escalation.  Implemented Compaq Insight Manager (CIM) for monitoring/management of server hardware.  Integrated middleware (Tibco, MQ-Series) and 3rd party element managers (CiscoWorks 2000, Cisco Secure, Veritas, etc.) into OpenView framework.  Implemented Follow-the-Sun management schema with Expert Centers for truly global monitoring solution.  Worked closely with the OpenView developers in Germany to extend the functionality of the framework and address some of its shortcomings.  Heavy use of automation within the framework.   Delivered proactive management of over 2500 servers worldwide with a team of just 6 people.  Delivered over 99.99% uptime for all managed systems less than 52 minutes of downtime per year.


Empact Solutions, Inc. : 09/99 09/00

Empact Solutions is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring/management company that provides 3rd party verification and validation of SLAs.  Project entailed integrating Empact's proprietary technology into numerous vendor frameworks such  as HP OpenView, Tivoli, BMC Patrol, CA Unicenter, and NetIQ as well as several open source Linux platforms.  Was also responsible for extending the functionality of various frameworks (via APIs or custom libraries and modules) to facilitate the gathering of SLA related metrics.  Managed their internal Unix systems via the OpenView framework and implemented NetIQ and Compaq Insight Manager (CIM) to manage the Windows based servers.  Developed custom code to mange EMC SANs.  Served as sys-admin for HP-UX and Solaris systems.


Lucent Technologies : 05/00 09/00

Led the implementation team for upgrading Lucent's global IT/O installation from version 4.11 to version 5.3.  Also responsible for designing the IT/O architecture for Lucent's spin off of Avaya Communication and Agere Systems.  Wrote numerous sub-agents and monitors in Perl to extend functionality of the native OpenView agents as well as to integrate BMC Patrol data into the OpenView framework.  Utilized SPIs for Lotus Notes, Oracle, and Exchange.  Environment consisted of IT/O running on HP-UX with agents for HP-UX, Solaris and Windows NT/2000.


Instinet Corporation : 10/99 05/00

Designed e-Commerce management system to proactively monitor web based fixed income trading applications.  Implemented IT/O in a Follow-the-Sun schema over 4 data centers and 86 remote client sites.  Integrated Best/1 into IT/O framework to provide historical performance analysis on web and application servers.  Developed custom agents and monitors to proactively manage Sun E10k Starfires and their associated SSPs.  Developed a manager-to-manager schema to allow IT/O to function through firewalls for 86 remote sites without requiring the use of ephemeral ports on firewalls.  Environment consisted of IT/O 5.3 running on Sun Solaris.  SPI functionality was achieved via custom monitors in



Lehman Brothers, Incorporated : 09/98 10/99

Served as technical lead for Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) framework evaluation in support of a large server consolidation project (consolidate ~3000 servers to ~2000 servers).  Created all test cases, scenarios and scripts against which the candidate ESM platforms (HP OpenView, Tivoli, and CA-Unicenter) were to be evaluated.  Customer sought to replace existing CA-Unicenter framework in conjunction with their server consolidation project.  Designed global EMS architecture upon selection of the framework.  Implemented an e-Commerce management system to provide secure management of web, application and database servers residing in DMZs and semi-trusted zones.  Also developed custom monitors for EMC SANs.


Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp. : 09/96 09/98

Designed and implemented global Enterprise Systems Management framework utilizing HP OpenView, Cisco Works, Sun Net Manager, Transcend Enterprise Manager, Transcend Traffix Manager, HP NetMetrix, and VitalQIP.  Developed custom applications in C and Perl in order to integrate their numerous disparate management programs into a single, cohesive management framework.  Utilized SNMP, RMON and ARM to enable application management and systems automation.  Designed and implemented a global IP service infrastructure consisting of BIND, DNS, DDNS, NIS, DHCP, BootP and WINS. 


Early Career:


Allan-Macomb Software Development Group : 08/97 01/98

Quadritek Systems, Inc. (QIP) : 05/96 09/96

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. : 06/93 05/96

Rubicon Technologies, Inc: 05/88  05/93


 Publications:  Handbook of Computer Software for Scientists and Engineers;

                        ISBN # 0-8493-2530-7, CRC Press 1996

 Education:      B.S. Computer Science A Millersville University

 References:   Available upon request