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When it comes to Enterprise Systems Management, We succeed where others fail.....

With the numerous options available today for delivering Enterprise Systems Management, very few organizations are able to actually manage anything.

A  Gartner Group study revealed that after 18 months of initial purchase, only 25% of respondents had successfully implemented Enterprise System Management solutions.  After 36 month, the number of successful installations climbed to only 30% (Parker).

If your organization has failed to reap the rewards of Enterprise Systems Management, we can help.  We have extensive expertise in: 

  • Design, Implementation, Customization and Administration of EMS frameworks (HP Openview, BMC Patrol, NetIQ, Unicenter, etc).
  • Design, Implementation, Customization and Administration of Open Source EMS platforms (Nagios, ...).
  • Multi-framework Integration (OpenView to Patrol, OpenView to Remedy, etc.)
  • System Administration/Automation via an EMS framework
  • BAM, BSM, BPM Integration
  • ITIL Best Practices

If these issues are familiar to you, we can help. We have the business strategy, methodology, and technical implementation knowledge to help you succeed.

Let us show you
how to realize a positive ROI on your ESM investment.